About Qualitäts-Masken Hamburg

We at QMH are a team of experienced and renowned mechanical engineers, project developers, process managers and quality engineers who have been working together for years. Therefore, we know exactly how to plan and control automated production processes in order to manufacture high-value products in consistently high quality. We now use this know-how not only for consulting, but also for our new project: the ramp-up of a highly efficient face mask production in Germany.

Are you considering starting your own mask production? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you: https://www.qmh-consulting.de/en/about-qmh/team.html

Our mission

In times of the Corona pandemic, we have decided to do our part in supplying face masks to hospitals, doctors, care facilities, trade and industry. We are currently in the process of rapidly commissioning a highly automated production line for high-quality face masks near Hamburg. We are only able to do this thanks to the high level of competence and many years of experience of our entire team in project, process, supplier, risk and quality management.

As mentioned above, from July 2020, we will be producing high-quality everyday masks in large quantities on the new production line just outside Hamburg, with the quality and properties of these masks being based on the requirements of DIN EN 14683:2019-6. As soon as production has started, we will apply for the corresponding certification with the first product samples and are convinced that we will then also be able to offer our masks under the protected terms "mouth-nose protection" or "surgical mask".

Our products, which we will sell at fair prices, can already be ordered now. Our target group is exclusively end consumers. If we find that our products are being resold at highly inflated prices, we will stop supplying them to corresponding persons or companies and terminate the contractual relationship with these persons or companies. Our motto:

Qualitäts-Masken "Made in Germany".