Qualitäts-Masken Hamburg

Face masks that effectively reduce the risk of droplet infection of other people are more in demand than ever due to the current pandemic situation. We at Qualitäts-Masken Hamburg would like to make our contribution and support you in this emergency situation with our high-quality products. These are produced at the gates of Hamburg using German materials with the highest requirements (type IIR). For this purpose, we have a fully automated production line for up to 3 million pieces per month, which went into operation in May 2020. Our high-quality masks were initially called everyday masks, community masks or makeshift mouth-nose masks until the material testing of the series samples was carried out in accordance with DIN EN 14683:2019-6. Production started in June 2020. After the material testing of the series samples, we will then - from July 2020 - be able to officially offer our masks as mouth-nose protection (MNS, also known as mouth nose protection or surgical masks).

Stay healthy!

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